547 George Street, Prince George, BC

May 14, 2020: Where are we now?

  1. We have completed underpinning of both adjacent buildings. This was a lot more work than we had originally planned.
  2. City water will be connected soon.
  3. A catch basin is being installed near the alley to handle rainwater from our building.
  4. The lot has been filled to grade and is ready for foundation work.

August 22, 2019: Where are we now?

  1. We have applied for a foundation permit
  2. We have applied for a development permit
  3. We are in the process of completing a geotechnical review. This may impact the foundation design and is necessary to complete the foundation permit application

Lastly, we have committed to constructing this building to Passive House standards. The quick explanation is that this building we have a super insulated, air tight, building envelope. This type of construction should allow us to use 70-90% less energy than a building using current building code requirements. We will have a lot more information about Passive House in future updates.

May 28, 2019: Today is day 1. We’ve started site preparation. We’re getting ready for an inspection of our foundation, and our neighbours’ foundation, so we can safely remove an old foundation that will be in the way our new building.

Mar 1, 2019: The plans are moving along. We’ve committed to a 5 story building with 4 residential apartments. There will be plenty of new office space and a ground floor retail space. We’ll start firming up the exterior design over the coming weeks.

UPDATE: Here is an artists rendering of what we’re hoping to accomplish with this property on George Street. We feel that it can offer a great retail and office experience as well some residential on the 3rd floor. We’re looking for input from possible tenants to help us shape the construction of this new building.

The existing building 4,800 square feet on two floors. Birch and Boar Butchery is now operating on the ground floor. Excellent retail, office, or professional applications can be realized in this property. It is across the street from City Hall, a major hotel, and great restaurants. This downtown area has seen nice recent improvements and this building will continue the trend.

Contact us now to have your business included as we make plans for the building layout and its amenities.